When should I invite contacts into 6prog?

6prog is a first of its kind community to enable managers, freelancers and recruiters to work together.

The best time to include your counterparts in the platform is ‘now’. 

I say this for a few reasons. 

  1. you never know if there is a new project kicking off
  2. it reminds you who is available 
  3. you can plan your needs for the year ahead
  4. it confirms access to enough resources before you get budget approval
  5. you reduce your reliance on ‘spot’ hires because a relevant CV lands on your desk and you have no one else
  6. you give your contacts time to login and sign up 
  7. you don’t know what opportunities your contacts have
  8. it’s private; only you and your contact will know
  9. you are giving them permission to reach you anytime (no agent required)

What are your reasons for wanting to reject high agency margins and to gain communication control?

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