Why 6prog is industry agnostic.  

“Industry knowledge is invaluable however transferable skills are too.” 

6prog enables you to filter between different types of connections whether you are looking for work or looking for workers.

It is likely that you will initially look for people you know and you may have already invited your immediate contact group. Great news that your People are looking strong and you have enough talent in the pipeline for your foreseeable needs.

What happens when you hire someone from outside your industry?

Take a look at your hiring requirements for the next quarter. Which of the tasks genuinely need industry knowledge? Which would benefit from an outsiders’ point of view? 

When hiring we mostly look for competency because this is an earned skill. Knowledge is power (they say) but not in every case. 

Case study:

Recently we put together a team to manage a backlog of trading data which needed sorting out following a letter from the regulators. The work was high pressure simply because of the timescales. This was pre-6prog and we had not planned the year’s hiring in advance and had no backstop portfolio of candidates to turn to (see ‘when should I invite my contacts to 6prog?’).

It turned out we couldn’t get enough of the people in quickly enough and we chose to use some junior staff from outside the industry. 

Perhaps we were lucky or some karma was at play but this team worked harder because they saw the whole opportunity. They put in the extra time to succeed, kept the leadership on board with reports and ultimately passed all the hurdles they faced. 

Those super candidates are now available in the 6prog ‘people’ channel for on call access next time they are needed. 

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