Recent graduate? 6 tips from 6prog

So, it’s hard starting out!

There are loads of other people in the same position as you and you’re all fighting for the same jobs. What can you do? Well, you’ve got to start somewhere…….Join the freelancing world!

  1. There’s actually a better work/life balance in freelancing than in a traditional permanent career which is great when you’re just starting out. 
  1. It keeps everything flexible. You can work for different companies, get a variety of work, and meet lots of different people. You can work out what sort of company suits you and your skills.
  1. Freelancing can help you get a foot on the career ladder. It gives you some valuable experience whilst actually getting paid for it. Working for different companies gives you important knowledge and can give you new skills too.
  1. Many employers find their full time employees through their freelancing community. It’s a great way to start. In many companies, they actually employ freelancers with a view to employing them on a full time basis. 
  1. You can get started today! Work out what you’ve got to offer……….remember that it’s about who you are as well as what skills you have. Use your current network. Who do you know? Tell friends and family what you are doing. They might be able to put you in touch with people who are looking for freelancers.
  1. Work through There are no upfront costs and you can get started right away! Set up a profile and get networking!