Finding talent is expensive

Does it have to be?

talent searching?

It is expensive and time consuming putting together a good team of freelancers, right?

So what do most companies typically do when the programme finishes? They ‘hand back’ ownership of that freelancer to the agency who provided them. This is not deliberate, it is not wilfully ignorant, it is contractually imperative.

What if this weren’t the case? What if, YOU, the client, could ‘hold’ the talent. If YOU had a platform to contact, communicate and nurture the team of people who want to work with you on YOUR programmes.

Usually these articles then go on to explain why paying more means you can have a better level of service – surprise – the charges at 6prog are lower than what you are currently paying for contract recruitment.

Take a poll of the freelancers in your office today and ask what facilities they would want. I’ll wager none say ‘an agency’ but many will opt for a straightforward platform.