High margins & the advantages of 6prog’s service fee

18th April 2019 - benefits, logo
High margins & the advantages of 6prog’s service fee

Speaking to a procurement officer recently, she informed me that fees appear to be incredibly varied and often don’t represent the service level.I asked if the figures were published and usually they are not. However, they tend to be discussed once the line manager and the freelancer get together.

So why the secrecy? Is it because agencies are charging too much?

Flip this over and there are freelancers who are also ‘in the dark’ about the cost of the agency. Now it may not make a material difference to the freelancer initially because at the point of the contract offer they are aware of what the work is and how much they will be paid. However, the service levels of the agency may not be fantastic to the freelancer… they are ‘the product’ after all.

This brings me to the point of this article. What are the advantages of 6prog’s service fee?

  1. It’s the same for everyone. Whether you are providing recruitment, freelancing or buying these services, the platform levies an ultra low service fee.
  2. You can talk about the real cost of your service directly with the other party. No secrets.
  3. It’s easy to calculate.
  4. There is clarity that you are not employing or acting as an employee.
  5. No one else is doing it.
  6. As 6prog expands it is looking to take the fee lower – help us do it.

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