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Today we are talking with Paul Skrgatic about GroupMap

Hi Paul – what is GroupMap?

Hi Andy, GroupMap is an effective way to plan, brainstorm, discuss and decide.

Ok great -who uses it?

You’ve probably encountered the usual issues of group decision-making in your meetingsworkshops or classrooms… People who dominate the conversation, quiet folks whose ideas never get heard, and of course all those post-it notes you have to write up.

GroupMap solves this by capturing individual thinking first, then revealing the group perspective, all in real-time. Now that’s true collaborative decision making.

Is there a discount for 6prog members?

Yes a free 14 day trial.

How much does it cost for participants to join?

Nothing, zippo, nada, zilch. It’s always free for participants to join a map.


What is going on at the moment for you Paul?

I’m currently helping Figura clients to deliver change for Projects in the Transport and Tourism sectors within Edinburgh. With the move to the gig economy we are finding that a lot of entrepreneurs need help to get new projects started and also keep the momentum up. We use GroupMap to help collaborate on project requirements engaging all parts of our client’s organisation. Also available via 6prog.
Get in touch if we can help you with your change or project challenges.



6prog was started by friends from Brighton, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We had all experienced recruiting, being recruited and working as a recruitment partner and felt that these tasks would benefit from a single solution. We discussed various propositions with a large number of people in our own networks and summarised the following characteristics with this multi billion dollar industry.

• Recruiters spend too much time doing paperwork when they should be networking.
• Freelancers spend time chasing updates which can just be messaged directly.
• Clients want multiple levels of recruitment expertise but would rather not have multiple suppliers.
• Project Managers don’t have the time to read through multiple online profiles (the reverse job board service? “no thanks”).
• Everyone wants clearer communication.
• Everyone wants fair payment and fair charges.

So we designed a workflow that allows members to deliver their function most effectively. Recruiters can be anyone with a book of contacts (it’s more valuable to a PM if you can recruit from people via experience or word of mouth). Project Managers and Freelancers can talk to one another. It’s fine – it really is! Recruiters are paid a fixed fee agreed per opportunity. Also margins should not exist (too many reasons to list!) and therefore the software is funded by the low transaction fee. 

Importantly, our ethos is membership driven. All members are charged in the same way at the same fee. Finally we decided to get a team together in order to build a modern solution for project managers, freelancers and recruiters. We launched in April 2017. 6prog is pushing it’s platform to do even more than it already does today. Become a member and help us on our shared journey to revolutionise how projects, recruiting and on boarding get better.