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Today we are talking with Peter Thompson who is a Outbound Membership Manager at IPSE

Hi Peter, what is IPSE best known for?

We make sure freelancers, interim managers, consultants and contractors are represented to Government. By producing insightful, hard-hitting research and effective policy campaigns, we fight to create a better environment for the self-employed to run their businesses and ultimately, ensure our economy remains one of the most flexible in the world. 

Ok great how long has IPSE been helping freelancers?

IPSE has been representing the interests of the self-employed since 1999. IPSE was originally formed as the Professional Contractors Group to provide independent contractors and consultants with a representative voice in opposition to the original IR35 proposals. 

Why do freelancers become members of IPSE?

IPSE Plus members receive the following services and benefits

  • IR35 tax and legal helpline for advice
  • Contract templates
  • Tax investigation costs
  • Moneysaving offers and rewards with big high street names
  • Bi monthly magazines Modern Work, My Money, and fortnightly newsletter
  • Events and networking opportunities.
  • IPSE academy – training
  • Government and industry lobbying
  • Guide to being a freelancer
  • Pre-tax investigation costs
  • Up to £10,000 if a client goes bankrupt
  • Up to £5000 for jury service
  • Up to £200 if you are ill or injured
  • Up to £1000 if an agency breaks it contract
  • Up to £500 per day for tax compliance meetings
  • £5000 of life insurance at no cost
Is there a discount for 6prog members?

Yes, £50 off the joining fee if you click click here and write 6prog in as your code.

What is going on at the moment at IPSE HQ?

IR35 is dominating talk though with the new leaders of both the Libdems and the Conservatives we will be lobbying to inform them of the negative impact the legislation will cause

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Why does 6prog have partners?

6prog has built many (many) years of experience industrywide and used most applications and systems. Where we have seen software that hits a number of key markets or has massive benefits to the user we like to partner to give them access to additional markets.

Partner companies are led by innovators who are passionate about delivering exceptional service too.


We are IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed. Our name is both an acronym and the Latin word for ‘self’ or ‘by oneself’ – a reference to our chosen way of working.

Let us support you IPSE has dedicated Policy, Press and Research teams who work on behalf of freelancers and the self-employed.  We lobby government departments to ensure that you have a voice in party policies and manifestos.




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  • The New Contract Recruitment Process


6prog was started by friends from Brighton, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We had all experienced recruiting, being recruited and working as a recruitment partner and felt that these tasks would benefit from a single solution. We discussed various propositions with a large number of people in our own networks and summarised the following characteristics with this multi billion dollar industry.

• Recruiters spend too much time doing paperwork when they should be networking.
• Freelancers spend time chasing updates which can just be messaged directly.
• Clients want multiple levels of recruitment expertise but would rather not have multiple suppliers.
• Project Managers don’t have the time to read through multiple online profiles (the reverse job board service? “no thanks”).
• Everyone wants clearer communication.
• Everyone wants fair payment and fair charges.

So we designed a workflow that allows members to deliver their function most effectively. Recruiters can be anyone with a book of contacts (it’s more valuable to a PM if you can recruit from people via experience or word of mouth). Project Managers and Freelancers can talk to one another. It’s fine – it really is! Recruiters are paid a fixed fee agreed per opportunity. Also margins should not exist (too many reasons to list!) and therefore the software is funded by the low transaction fee. 

Importantly, our ethos is membership driven. All members are charged in the same way at the same fee. Finally we decided to get a team together in order to build a modern solution for project managers, freelancers and recruiters. We launched in April 2017. 6prog is pushing it’s platform to do even more than it already does today. Become a member and help us on our shared journey to revolutionise how projects, recruiting and on boarding get better.

How can 6prog help what you need to do?
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