The New Contract Recruitment Process

Are you paying more than you need to for IT services?

A new client just commissioned a project. The finance manager was rather pleased. So was the project manager. This is why:

Cost breakdown


  • Team lead 625
  • Developer 1 500
  • Developer 2 400
  • [plus 3% services charge]

Total 1570 per day

Perhaps unusually they were keen to share with me the other quotes they had (not the suppliers names but just the costs comparison)


  • Team lead 725
  • Developer 1 650
  • Developer 2 550

Total 1925 per day


  • Team lead 950
  • Developer 1 600
  • Developer 2 600

Total 2150 per day

The finance manager has more clarity and a reduction in spend. The project manager was allowed to have a bit more time (additional budget buffer) to deliver the project. A saving of around £500 per day matters.

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