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6prog ambassador | The why and the how

No one wants to be an ambassador. It conjures up Ferro Roche images and the concept of being really spoilt. Or at least it does if you watched that advert enough in the days of TV having only 4 channels.

A 6prog ambassador though? Well that’s a different thing entirely. If you add 6prog to your LinkedIn work history you are saying that you are part of a grass roots cause, a mission, where you feel freelancers should have the ability to speak to managers, have contracts and timesheets managed digitally, and in one place. It shows you like modern technology and that you are not bogged down by ‘what has always been will be the same tomorrow’.

[As I write this it sounds (to my mind) akin to a speech made by Henry V (well, Shakespeare) so I ask you now to comment below (with anticipation of five star reviews).] To be frank, what adding 6prog to your LinkedIn profile really does is tells people you might be available for a contract without declaring your hand of cards. It gives you a bit of your own privacy back. And it means the client can work with you at an industry beating price.

I shall also invite you for a coffee. Can’t beat a good coffee and a chat.

So, who is ready for battle?

Who is ready? Photo by junski here on Unsplash


  • How did 6prog start?6prog was started by friends from Brighton, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We had all experienced recruiting, being recruited and working as a recruitment partner and felt that these tasks would benefit from a single solution. We discussed various propositions with a large number of people in our own networks and summarised the following characteristics with this multi billion dollar industry.

    • Recruiters spend too much time doing paperwork when they should be networking.
    • Freelancers spend time chasing updates which can just be messaged directly.
    • Clients want multiple levels of recruitment expertise but would rather not have multiple suppliers.
    • Project Managers don’t have the time to read through multiple online profiles (the reverse job board service? “no thanks”).
    • Everyone wants clearer communication.
    • Everyone wants fair payment and fair charges.
    So we designed a workflow that allows members to deliver their function most effectively. Recruiters can be anyone with a book of contacts (it’s more valuable to a PM if you can recruit from people via experience or word of mouth). Project Managers and Freelancers can talk to one another. It’s fine – it really is! Recruiters are paid a fixed fee agreed per opportunity. Also margins should not exist (too many reasons to list!) and therefore the software is funded by the low transaction fee. 

    Importantly, our ethos is membership driven. All members are charged in the same way at the same fee. Finally we decided to get a team together in order to build a modern solution for project managers, freelancers and recruiters. We launched in April 2017. 6prog is pushing it’s platform to do even more than it already does today. Become a member and help us on our shared journey to revolutionise how projects, recruiting and on boarding get better.