IR35 | 1/6

  • fully signed SOW is part of our contractural process

The creation of a 6prog working relationship is based on milestones and deliverables. These are baked into the agreement so all parties understand what their company is signing up to deliver or receive.

Why this matters: If you are genuinely acquiring a full service it should be clearly laid out in advance. Any supplier will want to know what they are there to achieve and when (if?) it has been completed. 

It is simply not sufficient to hire someone on the basis that ‘we will work out what work is on a day to day basis’.

Indeed the client should not be controlling or directing the supplier at all.

This is why 6prog project layer represents both a way of creating the work order and a way of discussing and editing it before the work is commenced.

6prog is a facilitator of consultancy SoW agreements
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