Building teams

The MVP is done and we have a core platform for enabling two parties to set up an agreement.

The next question is “How can we derive more value from the MVP?”

In several recent client meetings a repeated question is regarding buying cohesive teams. Consultancies of course talk about this often. They say:

  • All our staff have been through rigorous training.
  • All our staff are in the top x percent in their field
  • All our staff are employees… well, nearly all.

The only people who really know the quality of the team are those who are in it. Ergo, the individuals working hand in hand day after day. Naturally this is the benefit clients are hunting for when pushing firms to provide them with an integrated group of individuals.

We can see the benefit too and this is why from our planning stages we have encouraged freelancers to connect with clients and also with one another.

A future phase of 6prog build out will be for freelancers to craft their own projects and submit them to clients, a reverse RFP if you will. Clearly many of these will have more than ‘one body’ in the team.

Currently the easiest way of building a team is by referral. Ask your freelancer who they know before asking a recruiter. I have found they are keen to help – they also want to be working with people whom they already know and trust.

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