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CASE STUDY | Nick Hopkins

Nick Hopkins



The challenge

The client, an international telecommunication and media company was going through a period of significant transformation.  They had acquired many independent businesses and as part of the integration needed to get their regular dealings with the relevant tax authorities under control.  They had experienced challenges with managing the timely and correct submission of Corporation Tax and VAT returns for hundreds of entities across dozens of geographies.  The task given was to find one firm that could support, prepare and control tax returns in all countries, and save money in doing so!

What I did

Over a period of six months I developed and executed a plan to gain in-country stakeholder support and select one global provider that could improve quality, reduce cost and remove the risk of fines from the tax authorities.

To achieve a change management programme of this scale and risk I had to align the stakeholder approach, manage the resistance to change and implement it.

First: I identified the risks and the issues related to a highly variable supplier base and product needs and validated these with the key stakeholders.  

Second: The range of outputs was standardised and categorised and included in a commercially constructed Request For Proposal.  

Third: Detailed pricing proposals were cross referenced with the bidding firms management capability and tools.  Stakeholders from key entities were involved in the qualitative review of bidding firms’ capabilities.

Finally: Cost and quality improvements were reported to the executive board and one firm was selected.  The selected firm adopted the responsibility for tax return preparation in a phased manner, in line with the dates that they were due to the authorities.

End result

I left the firm after 6 months having successfully completed this project leaving a structured approach to its entire Corporation Tax and VAT reporting, all at a lower cost and managed by a central database so that the risk of being fined for non-submission was eliminated.  Further the stakeholders in country were very relieved that they had support on tap and were able to rely on a professional firm for a key aspect of their risk management.

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