Six tips for clients from Scott Gibson | 6prog

Be realistic

All companies have aspirations to hire the top talent. This is right and admirable but the definition of top talent will be different for different teams within organisations. What would your team really benefit from?

Be flexible

Your best candidate is not the best application. It’s who can deliver the most and grow with your business in the next 3-36 months

Be honest

Currently there are more posts available and fewer applicants. Keep straight with the candidate because it’s impossible to draw someone back to a process after mistrust has crept in.

Be fast

Modern business is fast but candidates move fastest. Make a good offer asap. No need to think about it once you know you want them!

Use a planned process

This helps to keep the recruiting partner aligned with the manager and the candidates. If you can offer a timeline at start, please do. It helps all of us to prioritise 

Keep communication levels high

Recruiters will want to keep calling. Mainly to ensure core effort doesn’t go to waste (see 5). Feel free to push us though and together we can establish the best person for your business.

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