Case Study : ConsulticianHR

The challenge

The client, a Driving School, was heading into administration and was under pressure due to competitors acquiring business and poaching employees from their organisation. They also required a full overhaul of their HR processes. There was a lack of Health & Safety practices and the need for a reorganisation was evident.

What we did

Over a period of 6 months we developed a plan to set out the strategy of how the business develop a remediation plan to get back on track and rebrand, reorganise the current workforce to minimise any more loss but still continue to trade, become compliant in the areas of HR and Health and Safety and improve engagement.

This involved coaching the owner in understanding the importance of HR as a strategic tool in employee engagement and company compliance and growth. It also required putting in place work streams to manage the underwhelmed and disenfranchised employees by the idea of change while and seeking commitment from them while reducing salaries and working hours in order to get the business back in the green finances wise.

Key deliverables

  • Due diligence of where the business stood financially
  • Address restructure of employees and minimise expenditure in all unnecessary areas. 
  • Review structure and implement a temporary system to staff working patterns to attempt to retain staff rather than going through a redundancy process
  • Full HR and Health and Safety audit and implement a strategy to compliance.
  • Embed new HR procedures and Health and Safety compliance
  • Deliver a rebranding strategy for shop front and online to increase customers and revenue.
  • Coaching of Director

Over the course of the past 6 months we have worked through managing the potential redundancy situation, putting in place interim arrangements for reduction in hours in order to retain current staff. Worked with the Director to rebrand the website and shop front including engaging a marketing agency to increase visibility in the marketplace and increase attraction of clients to build revenue.

We reviewed and improved the HR function with a full overhaul of company procedures and contracts along with the structure of the team and how services were delivered.

Health and safety audit was carried out and works to remedy any issues where concluded within the first three months of engagement.


We continue to work with the client as we work together to further expand the business. With an improved strategy which targeted compliance in all areas of HR, H&S and avoiding falling behind again and also the morale of the team had somewhat improved.

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