6prog partners with Crunch to give users access to Accountancy Support
Crunch is the official ‘go to’ partner for 6prog members who need advice on tax, expenses, savings and more… From the 6prog FAQs you can [...]
6prog Partners | Open Orbit Technology
SaaS platform for improving process improvement Six Sigma SaaS platform, Open Orbit, re-engineers the way Process Improvement (PI) is delivered, taking the [...]
New Blog from our friends at Dinghy
New Blog from our friends at Dinghy
#freelance 😊
6prog – pricing? Sometimes costs are: 🆘😫⚠🙈🤯 Not with 6prog.
  Check it out: PRICING
the best freelancers I have met
      I often talk with freelance suppliers who every 6-18 months run, a proverbial gauntlet, chasing jobs on job boards and reaching out to [...]