Lee Lam joins 6prog | Coaching and People Advisor

Lee is a personal and corporate coach. Formerly Chief of Staff at Barclays, Lee qualified as a coach with the Coaching Academy in 2004, is ITIL qualified and has the CIPD Level 5 Diploma in HRM.

Having worked with Andy on several projects in the past I was very interested in the 6prog initiative, notwithstanding the advantage it would give to organisations in hiring and managing non-permanent staff.

I’m looking forward to working with the team especially on topics such as people, delivery and quality.

It’s great to have Lee on the team. Her support and coaching will be invaluable to us as we scale.

Interview Lee Lam and Andy Barnes March 25 2019
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After completing a dual honours course with degrees in Law and American Studies at Keele University, Lee took a take a gap year before undertaking my further legal practice studies.  Having been put on a project team for a groundbreaking Technology transformation project, she caught the tech bug and therefore embarked on the graduate programme for the Royal Bank of Scotland.  It was indeed one of the last years that they selected non-Technology graduates to join the Technology programme, and this ability to prove herself in brand new situations became an obvious theme in her later career choices. 

After supporting critical Bank systems and infrastructure from the data centre in Edinburgh, she returned to London to join the Trade Floor Support team, having to once again pick up new skills along the way.  After wanting to learn more new systems, she moved across to Fidelity International to join first the trade floor team and then specialising in market data support, supporting the move into Fidelity’s new London headquarters.  She realised that she wanted to have more of a strategic impact and decided to join Barclays Capital where she was quickly identified as a team leader and ultimately became Service Delivery Manager.  Lee swiftly moved towards the COO and business management space, and joined the IT COO Office.

Later at UBS Lee joined the Group CTO COO team, where she was responsible for overseeing the budgets of several disparate but coordinating departments.  The experience of managing complex and large budgets finally lead her back to Barclays, where she became COO for the Emerging Markets Technology team.  Her ability to think strategically across business areas as well as an ability to design complex process and systems to facilitate financial and resource management optimisation meant she was responsible for overseeing the redesign and centralisation of the business management function across all of the Investment Banking IT areas, as well as redesigning the sourcing strategy for high volume consultancy agreements. 

Her final role with Barclays was at group level, as Chief of Staff to the Head of Application Services, where she oversaw the governance for her department’s transformation programs, and set the Lean implementation strategy to be deployed across the organisation.  Her key involvement was in successfully rolling out the Dynamic Working strategy for Barclays group, coordinating the training of 400 line managers to support them in managing remote and flexible teams.

Since 2016, Lee has run her own disruptive consultancy, focusing on changing people management strategies and team dynamics, alongside supporting companies going through significant change.  This includes her Ditch the CV program, helping businesses to recruit more successfully.  Her approach to work is to facilitate the conversations necessary to identify the real challenge facing your business and work with you to provide a fix for it that lasts. 

6prog Partners | Open Orbit Technology

SaaS platform for improving process improvement

Six Sigma SaaS platform, Open Orbit, re-engineers the way Process Improvement (PI) is delivered, taking the enterprise to PI 2.0. It dramatically increases the effectiveness and efficiency of investments in process improvement.

Open Orbit turns up the knob on all the dimensions of a transformation project by applying Lean Six Sigma to project definition, process modelling, measurement, root cause analysis, solution hypothesis and benefits tracking. It provides an active Diagnostic Workbench that reduces the effort and time required to get results, a live and context-sensitive Open Knowledge Base of insights and best practices, and a connected Community Forum to drive sustained benefits and engagement. It is the thinking place of choice that practitioner can turn to, so it naturally becomes the system of record for improvement projects.

It enables Agile and Anytime governance at a project as well as process levels, accessible organisational memory and standardisation of approach – without having to mandate usage from the top. Instead of depending on adoption driven from the top, it entices the Lean Six Sigma practitioner directly by making their job easier and time more effective.

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Birendra Agarwal joins 6prog as Strategic Advisor

Birendra Agarwal

6prog is pleased to announce Birendra Agarwal joining as Strategic Advisor. Birendra is an entrepreneurial banking and financial services CIO with work experience in the US, UK and India. His expertise spans Capital Markets (Foreign Exchange, Fixed Income and Equities), Transaction Banking and Wealth Management with a particular focus on Digital and FinTech.

I’m delighted to be working with 6prog.

This platform addresses a key need in the contract recruitment space, a much needed innovation!
Having known Andy for some fifteen years, and when he showed me the 6prog platform, I did not hesitate when he asked me to join.

Interview with Birendra Agarwal and Andy Barnes [18 March 2019]


Until recently Birendra was CIO Commercial Banking at Lloyds where he successfully transformed IT for the Markets and Global Transaction Banking divisions. He has returned to the consulting practice he setup prior to joining Lloyds. Envision provides business development services to FinTech firms and strategic technology advisory services on diverse topics including digital transformation and resource strategy. This belies an extensive career in Investment, Commercial and Retail Banking IT.

In 2012, Birendra returned to the UK following three years in India as Managing Director and CIO at Nomura. This was a position he was well experienced for having played a key role in setting up the near shore centre in Belfast as part of Citi’s Global Resource Strategy. Birendra had a long and fruitful association with what ultimately became Citi.

Starting with Salomon Brothers in New York in 1994, he went on to head Market Data Services and was then appointed to run Retail Wealth Management E-Commerce Technology. Birendra was further promoted to set the strategy for Citi’s award winning digital FX platforms in his capacity as Global Head of FX E-Commerce Technology from 2001-2004.

In April 2004 Birendra made the move to UK as CIO of Global FX Technology, soon followed, in 2006, with promotion to MD and CIO of Global Rates & Currencies. In 2007, he was appointed CIO, Global Fixed Income, Currencies and Commodities before joining Nomura in 2008.

Birendra is passionate about Fintech and is a Mentor at Level39. He was Co-Chair of REACH (Race, Ethnicity and Cultural Heritage) network at Lloyds. He is a keen Cricket fan and was on the Audit Committee for the International Cricket Council from 2008-2012.

6prog members

A Financial Services Transformation specialist with over 20 years experience within Markets, Banking and IT, across JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and HSBC. Always specialising in change & transformation, roles have included IB COO & CAO functions, M&A Change, Head of HR IT, IT programme management, Middle Office, Finance & Operations Change, and Data Governance.

Effective at managing local and global programmes from inception to live, he has a unique capability to work with both small and large businesses and help them realise the power of block chain. Additionally, he acts as a non-exec director of a number of startup companies (incl. Tectra, WorkGaps, +), as well as managing Crypto portfolios and coin mining.

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