What is an ATS? [plus interactive demo is live]

What is an ATS?

An ATS is an ‘Applicant Tracking System’. Typically this is used by the agency and the client to keep abreast of all the available people for a particular job.

We found that there is a key person who misses out on being involved in the ATS though – the actual candidate!


If you are a candidate (we have all been one once!) you will have called, emailed, sms’d your agent or client to see at what stage on the tracker you are. Have you been submitted to the client? What was their feedback? When did / will / should the next stage be reached?

Furthermore, the recent GDPR regulations require that people who hold your data better understand what data they are holding, how long for and whether they should be holding it for any duration.

Perhaps it is better if the owner of that information administers it themselves?  6prog.com designed its workflow to enable the candidate to sign in and impact the ‘ATS’.

You can communicate with the client and/or the agent. You can administer your own data, therefore you know exactly who has your information and at what time.

Rather than being the data in an ATS… you are a participant and data controller yourself. Whilst I do not anticipate #candidatesarehumanstoo is a hashtag that will take off it does neatly summarise how we feel about our duty to 6progmembers.

Transparency is here – for a live and interactive demo contact hello@6prog.com

Why 6prog is a private network.

Why 6prog is a private network.

  • For clients: Frequently, clients receive ‘adapted’ CVs for particular freelance roles. By moving away from applications and into a profile based reference system, 6prog takes away this issue. For more details see Lee Lam from DITCH.
  • For recruiters and networkers: A one sided database of names is so ‘pre-GDPR’. Therefore, 6prog’s people page updates itself when your contacts change their data such as recent project, new skills or availability. Connect to people who you want to trade with, not just to extend your friends list.  
  • For freelancers: We know you are looking for work but do you want everyone approaching you all of the time? Even when you are in a project? I know. I can hear the screams of “…but I haven’t even done ‘x’ skill so why do they keep emailing me?” 6prog has preferences for available and unavailable.
  • The Marketplace: The marketplace doesn’t show my full profile. Correct. It enables those reading it to assess it on its merits, not by your gender or race. We firmly believe this will enhance diversity.

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When should I invite contacts into 6prog?

6prog is a first of its kind community to enable managers, freelancers and recruiters to work together.

The best time to include your counterparts in the platform is ‘now’. 

I say this for a few reasons. 

  1. you never know if there is a new project kicking off
  2. it reminds you who is available 
  3. you can plan your needs for the year ahead
  4. it confirms access to enough resources before you get budget approval
  5. you reduce your reliance on ‘spot’ hires because a relevant CV lands on your desk and you have no one else
  6. you give your contacts time to login and sign up 
  7. you don’t know what opportunities your contacts have
  8. it’s private; only you and your contact will know
  9. you are giving them permission to reach you anytime (no agent required)

What are your reasons for wanting to reject high agency margins and to gain communication control?

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