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The CV is Dead – part 8. So if we don’t use CVs, what then? By Lee Lam
  If we agree that the CV is no longer a suitable method of selecting people for roles, that it endorses a lack of diversity within our organisations [...]
The CV is Dead – part 7. It doesn’t help with Career Progression either. By Lee Lam
  Senior leaders identify those for promotion not based on the activities they do, but the attitude and tenacity with which they do their job. And by [...]
The CV is Dead – part 6 Experience is more than a list of achievements – by Lee Lam
    So am I saying that your experience doesn’t count for anything – far, far from it.  We all hate creating CVs because we know [...]
The CV is Dead – part 5 Gender and Diversity Gaps – by Lee Lam
  Currently all initiatives created to increase a more diverse representation of society within organisations, are trying to fit within this broken [...]
The CV is Dead – part 4. New Employees – by Lee Lam
A study by Ernst & Young in 2016 (pre-referendum) states the following (Mark Gregory): “Youth unemployment rates have fallen from the peaks we [...]
The CV is Dead – part 3. Skills Gap – by Lee Lam
  In 2011, the UKCES (UK Commission For Employment and Skills) found that 38% of ‘hard to fill’ vacancies were due to lack of candidates [...]
The CV is Dead – part 2. Why Do We Use CVs? – by Lee Lam
The CV was born as a consequence of the Industrial Revolution, the point in history where manual jobs were taken over by huge machines with even bigger [...]
The CV is Dead – part 1 by Lee Lam
As I applied for my university degree, I had a problem.  Although my academic work was at the required level for the subjects that I wanted to study, [...]