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Insurtech innovators Dinghy announce partnership with consultancy disruptors 6prog

Insurtech innovators Dinghy announce partnership with consultancy disruptors 6prog

Change is afoot. Employment as we once knew it is on the way out. The worker of today – and tomorrow – is here.

The modern freelancer is agile and adaptive, and they require any companies that support them to be the same.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with 6prog. Both companies intuitively understand the needs of the freelance workforce, as well as the need to evolve the mechanisms which support it. 

It’s essential that today’s self-employed are able to quickly access their work, and to have adequate insurance protection whilst they do so – and all in manner which suits them, and reflects the way they work. No one-off annual payments. No huge lump sums. Just cover when and where you need it.

Who are Dinghy?

For freelancers, by freelancers. That’s Dinghy in a nutshell.

Its goal? To make insurance cheaper, faster, and fairer. Dinghy’s ground-breaking approach offers flexible, on-demand insurance cover exclusively to freelancers. By allowing them to reduce premiums when they aren’t working, freelancers only need to pay for the coverage they really need.

6prog CEO Andy Barnes has been a fan of Dinghy for some time: “I’ve used Dinghy myself. They’re breaking new ground in an industry which has traditionally been slow to catch up. Having experienced what they offer first-hand, I can confidently say that their understanding of the freelance workforce is second-to-none. All of us at 6prog are delighted at the partnership.”

Who are 6prog? The New Contract Recruitment Process

What better way to improve something than to know it inside out? A truly multinational venture, 6prog was founded by friends from Brighton and Los Angeles. Having experienced recruiting, been recruited themselves, and worked as a recruitment partner, the brains behind 6prog saw the need for improvement.

It’s an indisputable fact that things work better when they function most effectively. And it’s no different for recruitment. 6prog encourages clear communication between recruiters, project managers and freelancers, alongside ensuring fair payment and fair charges. Their workflow links a PM and a freelancer directly – allowing them to talk business without all the interference.

Dorian Zanker, Dinghy CEO: “I love what 6prog are doing. Breaking down barriers and encouraging efficiency and equality creates a better environment for all involved. The future of work depends on fluidity and instant action, and 6prog are doing exactly that. We’re very pleased to have them on board.”

6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

Things 6prog does : 6 of 6

Signing timesheets

It’s probably the most annoying task going. We cannot claim to have made it better but what is clear is that timesheets should correlate to the schedule, and thereon correlate to the invoice. 

These are all automatically generated so it’s a straightforward model and saves lots of time. 


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

Things 6prog does : 5 of 6

Confirming a contract

It is important that the agreement you sign with 6prog contains the same deliverables as the one the supplier to 6prog is signing. Ergo, you are both on the same page!

This is why 6prog automated that process. Once your project is finalised, it is seamlessly attached to a schedule of work for both parties to review. 


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

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6prog’s unique solution maintains individuals’ ownership of data. There is no GDPR issue for you as the platform holds the data and consent policies from members.

IR35 is a topic relevant to large businesses and increasingly as we move towards new regs in April ’20. More details are below.

We use validation from Companies House that you are dealing with a known entity and 6prog screens all new members to the platform in person or video.

Sterling Talent Solutions and Joblock are available to run full employment screening purchased in the platform. 


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

Things 6prog does : 3 of 6

Comparing suppliers, companies or individuals.

In Projects you will have a defined (and unfortunately) limited budget. 6prog enables you to issue your project outline privately to consultants and communicate with each separately to select your preferred supplier(s).


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

Things 6prog does : 2 of 6

Create an available [flexible] workforce

6prog is engineered to support all businesses that have a flexible workforce. Many businesses currently suffer from ‘knee-jerk’ hiring and 6prog helps businesses to operate with a medium term view.

That is, recruit regularly to build your flexible workforce and when you need them, issue a Statement of Work to those contacts who can deliver.


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

Things 6prog does : 1 of 6

Making Contacts

6prog has a unique network which is several thousand strong. This network is available to any signed in members of 6prog though no charge is made for access.

This is different to the consultancy firms who will ‘offer’ you a shortlist or the job board websites who will charge an access fee to see the available consultants.


6prog is a facilitator of freelance contracts and commentator on recruitment in general. For more information reach out hello@6prog.com

6prog Partners | Crunch

Today we are talking with Megan at Crunch.

So, who are Crunch?

Glad you asked! We’re an online accounting service that supports freelancers, contractors, and practically anyone who’s self-employed. We understand that the self-employed life isn’t your standard nine-to-five, and we tailor our services to make your life as easy as possible. 

We combine bespoke, online accounting software with actual human beings, so that you’re always able to access your accounts and seek the expert support and guidance you need.

We offer everything you need for peace of mind in your business’s bookkeeping, from as little as £71.50 +VAT a month.

What do I get for my money?

On our Basic or Plus Limited accountancy packages, you’ll get unlimited access to the expertise of our chartered certified accountants whenever you need it. They’ll deal with HMRC on your behalf, remind you of upcoming tax responsibilities and even help you file your Self Assessment. You’ll also gain access to our bespoke online accounting software and a range of informative, expert business guides.

Then there’s our Small Business package, which is ideal if your business has grown to take on employees and needs extra support, and expert insights to free up your time and help your business grow. You’ll get your own dedicated accountant and bookkeeper, our fastest response times, two Accountancy Healthchecks, in-app chat, and payroll for up to 10 employees, to name just a few. 

Wait, so I get access to your experts as well as your software?

Yup! We believe in the personal touch at Crunch – you’ll always have access to our team of expert chartered certified accountants to make sure you have the knowledge and guidance you need to make the right decisions for your business.

Is there anything else I should know about?

Well, there’s also Crunch Chorus – our very own self-employed community! Membership is absolutely free, and as a member, you’ll be able to get your hands on a range of jargon-free free business guides, templates, and tools. 

We also have a dedicated Facebook page, a friendly hub for freelancers and contractors in the UK. You can join our Crunch Chorus Facebook group and share advice, experience, and make new connections with hundreds of people just like you!

Tell me more about Crunch!

Our CEO Darren Fell started Crunch in 2009. The goal was to combine online accounting software and all the benefits of a traditional high-street accountant to create a game-changing online accounting service – and for less than half the price of traditional firms.

These days our service is much more than just accountancy. We can support you with business insurance, financial planning advice, mortgages and much more. We’ve poured millions into our technology, and continue to find new ways to support our clients and make their businesses a success.

That sounds great! Where can I go to find more information?

Come along to our website at Crunch.co.uk and browse through our services and products.

We’d also like to offer you the opportunity to take up a free demo of our Crunch software and take us for a test drive!

You can also book a consultation and talk to one of our friendly experts if you have questions about our service and how we can best help your business.

Consultations are completely free, and there are no hidden costs – just honest advice that’s best for your business. We look forward to hearing from you!

6prog Partners | IPSE

Contract recruitment made better

Contract recruitment made better

Today we are talking with Peter Thompson who is a Outbound Membership Manager at IPSE

Hi Peter, what is IPSE best known for?

We make sure freelancers, interim managers, consultants and contractors are represented to Government. By producing insightful, hard-hitting research and effective policy campaigns, we fight to create a better environment for the self-employed to run their businesses and ultimately, ensure our economy remains one of the most flexible in the world. 

Ok great how long has IPSE been helping freelancers?

IPSE has been representing the interests of the self-employed since 1999. IPSE was originally formed as the Professional Contractors Group to provide independent contractors and consultants with a representative voice in opposition to the original IR35 proposals. 

Why do freelancers become members of IPSE?

IPSE Plus members receive the following services and benefits

  • IR35 tax and legal helpline for advice
  • Contract templates
  • Tax investigation costs
  • Moneysaving offers and rewards with big high street names
  • Bi monthly magazines Modern Work, My Money, and fortnightly newsletter
  • Events and networking opportunities.
  • IPSE academy – training
  • Government and industry lobbying
  • Guide to being a freelancer
  • Pre-tax investigation costs
  • Up to £10,000 if a client goes bankrupt
  • Up to £5000 for jury service
  • Up to £200 if you are ill or injured
  • Up to £1000 if an agency breaks it contract
  • Up to £500 per day for tax compliance meetings
  • £5000 of life insurance at no cost
Is there a discount for 6prog members?

Yes, £50 off the joining fee if you click click here and write 6prog in as your code.

What is going on at the moment at IPSE HQ?

IR35 is dominating talk though with the new leaders of both the Libdems and the Conservatives we will be lobbying to inform them of the negative impact the legislation will cause

latest news

Why does 6prog have partners?

6prog has built many (many) years of experience industrywide and used most applications and systems. Where we have seen software that hits a number of key markets or has massive benefits to the user we like to partner to give them access to additional markets.

Partner companies are led by innovators who are passionate about delivering exceptional service too.


We are IPSE, the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed. Our name is both an acronym and the Latin word for ‘self’ or ‘by oneself’ – a reference to our chosen way of working.

Let us support you IPSE has dedicated Policy, Press and Research teams who work on behalf of freelancers and the self-employed.  We lobby government departments to ensure that you have a voice in party policies and manifestos.




Demo Request

  • The New Contract Recruitment Process


6prog was started by friends from Brighton, UK and Los Angeles, USA. We had all experienced recruiting, being recruited and working as a recruitment partner and felt that these tasks would benefit from a single solution. We discussed various propositions with a large number of people in our own networks and summarised the following characteristics with this multi billion dollar industry.

• Recruiters spend too much time doing paperwork when they should be networking.
• Freelancers spend time chasing updates which can just be messaged directly.
• Clients want multiple levels of recruitment expertise but would rather not have multiple suppliers.
• Project Managers don’t have the time to read through multiple online profiles (the reverse job board service? “no thanks”).
• Everyone wants clearer communication.
• Everyone wants fair payment and fair charges.

So we designed a workflow that allows members to deliver their function most effectively. Recruiters can be anyone with a book of contacts (it’s more valuable to a PM if you can recruit from people via experience or word of mouth). Project Managers and Freelancers can talk to one another. It’s fine – it really is! Recruiters are paid a fixed fee agreed per opportunity. Also margins should not exist (too many reasons to list!) and therefore the software is funded by the low transaction fee. 

Importantly, our ethos is membership driven. All members are charged in the same way at the same fee. Finally we decided to get a team together in order to build a modern solution for project managers, freelancers and recruiters. We launched in April 2017. 6prog is pushing it’s platform to do even more than it already does today. Become a member and help us on our shared journey to revolutionise how projects, recruiting and on boarding get better.

How can 6prog help what you need to do?
make your valuable network valuable

Job Boards

Job boards. Either lots of jobs or lots of candidates.  What do people think who use them?

I recently attended an industry get-together which had stand after stand of job board companies. Some were actually job board aggregators. I’ve also noticed the larger networking sites drafting in adverts posted elsewhere.

Who is this helping? 

  • the client?
  • the candidate?
  • the job poster? 

I’m not sure. 

This is why 6prog is network focused. We won’t put the candidates through the perpetual cycle of applications and we won’t make clients read profiles repeatedly sent from different job boards. 

This is how we see it:

Review profiles of people > connect to them and invite them to your project > work.